Some crazy people pay hundreds of thousands to look like their favourite celebrity idols but in some cases, these lucky doppelgängers have extremely similar traits to a number of famous faces naturally.

Seriously, you might not be able to tell the difference between the real life celeb and these amazing lookalikes…

1. Brad Pitt

image source: Imgur

The jawline, the eyes, the face in general – this guy is a shoe-in for Brad Pitt!

2. Kanye West

image source: Imgur

This guy is known as the Egyptian Kanye. In fact Omar Zenam Khalifa Salem actually calls himself “Kanye East” – how hilarious is that?

3. Jim Carrey

image source: Imgur/Adequatte

The Ace Ventura star has a Russian Doppelgänger minus about a decade and we can’t quite handle the resemblance! This guy could easily walk in Carrey’s shoes and no-one would batter an eyelid.