New Zealand lady Naomi Strain suffers from uncontrollable epilepsy, a condition that affects her life everyday.

Whilst she has worked out when she is about to have a seizure and is able to prepare herself, on one seemingly normal day, Naomi had no idea what was about to hit her.

Take a look at her story that shocked the community…

image source: Facebook/Naomi Strain / via Stuff

image source: Facebook/Naomi Strain

Even though Strain’s condition meant that she could suffer from a seizure at any given time, she remained positive and continued to live life with a smile on her face.

image source: Facebook/Naomi Strain

These unexpected episodes meant that the poor woman was often nervous to leave the house alone. She told, “I have one or two [seizures] a week, sometimes. A lot of the time I’ll stay at home to make sure I’m not having them out in public.”