Since Iron Man was released in 2008, the Marvel studios have been releasing blockbusters and raking in billions.

However, when you look a little closer, the movies aren’t as flawless as first thought.

Here are 19 huge movie mistakes that Marvel should be embarrassed by. Warning there may be some spoilers ahead.

1. Iron Man – Crew Members Seen In The Glass

Iron Man was the first superhero movie produced by Marvel –  it set bars high and was an instant hit. However the 2008 movie was full of mistakes. In the final edit the film crew can be seen in reflected in picture frames.

2. Captain America – Upside Down Flag

You would think that Captain America, as an extremely patriotic man, would know his flags. However in the first Captain America movie there is a shot showing a Union Jack – but it’s upside down.

3. Captain America: Civil War – German Cops In Romania

In Civil War there is yet another nation identity mistake. The Bucharest cops that chase Cap and Bucky have the German word for police, “Polizei”, on their vests rather than the Romanian word which is “Politia.”