Salvador Alvarenga, a 36-year-old fisherman from El Salvador worked hard to provide for his family, but he had no idea how much more difficult his job was going to be when he set out with fellow fisherman, Ezequiel Cordoba.

Two days into their journey, disaster struck and the two fishermen were forced to go into survival mode if it meant getting out of the water alive…

image source: Life Daily

All Alvarenga wanted to achieve was a good day’s work, fishing off the coast of Mexico with his friend, Ray Perez. Unfortunately just a couple of days before he was going to set sail, something came up which meant Perez couldn’t make the trip. Alvarenga decided to draft in 22-year-old Ezequiel Cordoba, who is also known as piñata, instead.

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The boat was filled with everything they needed for a safe and successful fishing trip. They had 70 gallons of gasoline, 16 gallons of water, 50 lbs of sardines for bait, hooks, harpoons, knives, and buckets. As well as these essentials, they had a mobile phone kept safe from the water in a plastic bag, a GPS and a two-way radio. The two fishermen had never spoken before but since they shared the same passion and seemed to know their way around a boat, what could go wrong?