Each and every state is completely unique and separate from one another, but are all equally weird in their own wonderful ways.

Some states are known for being a little more outlandish than others, and while neighbouring states may look down in disapproval at these states, they don’t get away with being classed as ‘normal’ either.

These hilarious images have managed to sum up the state perfectly, albeit maybe a little dramatically.

image source: Incrediblethings


image source: Frank151

This is technically an official Alabama fishing boat. They come complete with their mascot, Big Al the elephant emblazoned on the seat.


This is a typical Alaskan traffic jam, two bears settling a dispute in the middle of Highway 1.


It seems the state of Arizona believe that due to the dry and hot conditions, even something as simple as a fart could cause a fire.


image source: Frank151

California is known for silicon valley, silicon implants, and basically just anything synthetic which is supposed to enhance your appearance.