The twins began their acting career with Full House and went on to star in Two of a Kind as well as movies such as Billboard Dad and New York Minute. The pair always seemed to be appearing on our screens, until one day they suddenly disappeared. It seemed they made the decision to take a final bow to acting in order to focus their attention on their main passion: fashion.

There is part of us that wishes they were still an acting duo with a show of their own – but for now, here are some things you may not know about Mary-Kate & Ashley.

image source: Teen Vougue

1. Hollywood Producers

The twins created their very own Hollywood production company at the age of just six-years-old. The company was called Dualstar Entertainment.

2. Not Identical

The sisters are not actually identical twins, although it is very difficult to tell them apart. Ashley was actually born two minutes before Mary-Kate, and is an inch shorter than her sister. Mary-Kate is left handed, while Ashley is right handed.