People began to worry about the whereabouts of Paige Birgfeld when she didn’t return home after two days. Jess Birgeld was her daughter, and claimed that her mother was practically the definition of a supermom.

However, those worrying two days would eventually spiral into something much more serious than they originally believed, as she would never get the chance to see her mother again.

The reasons for her disappearance would flip their family upside down.

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Image: MesaCountySheriffsDepartment via People

When Paige disappeared she was 34-years-old, it was 2007 and she was living in Grand Junction, Colorado. She was a single mother to her three children; Taft, Kohl and Jess. Life hadn’t been kind to her, and she had gone through two divorces, with her three children fathered by her second husband, Robert Dixon.

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As a single mother, Birgfeld tried to do everything in her power to support her sons and daughter. For work, she ran several businesses which involved selling products such as baby slings and kitchenware. Alongside this she also ran a number of entrepreneurial ventures, which included a dance school.