When flying over a remote part of Papua New Guinea, a group of soldiers on board a Royal Australian Air Force helicopter spotted something unusual.

Submerged on a stretch of wetlands was a huge object- the team decided to get closer.

They could not believe what they were seeing.


Papua New Guinea lies just north of Australia and is home to some of the world’s most exotic wilderness. It’s covered with tropical rainforest, mountains, volcanoes and swamps.

The Australian soldiers knew they would have a battle on their hands as the object they had spotted was in a crocodile-infested swamp known as Agaimbo. The object was probably so well preserved due to it’s remote location.

The mystery object was a World War II bomber which the media dubbed “Swamp Ghost”. The years after it was found it became known as a holy grail of military aviation history – it was never accessed and remained completely preserved.

“It was widely considered that it was impossible to salvage this airplane,” aviation archaeologist Fred Hagen explained in 2010.