A devastatting cyclone hit the Australian coast and left seaside towns and cities in tatters in the aftermath.

When a news crew arrived at Ayr to report on the effects of the storm, they spotted something bizarre in the middle of the flooded road.

This poor creature had become a victim of the travesty and left locals in shock when it came ashore.

Image Source: National Aeronautics and Space Administration / Image: Twitter/Qld Fire & Emergency

Storm warnings were sent out on March 24, 2017 when an area of low pressure formed over the Coral Sea, close to Papua New Guinea. At this rate, the weather system was set to create gale-force winds.

Image Source: NASA

Just two days later, the storm had reached category 2 which meant the cyclone indicated a risk of power failure and minor damage to homes. The next day it reached category 3 which meant that at this level, the winds could cause serious damage and even destroy small structures like motor homes.