It’s every parent’s worst nightmare for their child to go missing, but for Maureen Gullet it suddenly became a reality.

Rosemary was Maureen’s eldest daughter, and even though she was 14-years old at the time, she was still a little girl in her mother’s eyes.

After not hearing from her daughter for a couple of days, it soon became clear that something had happened to her. Understandably, Maureen was totally beside herself. She was unaware that Rosemary’s disappearance would soon lead to six months of agony and a mysterious Facebook post…


The change in her daughter

Like most mom’s, Maureen found it difficult to watch her daughter grow up from an innocent little girl to a mature teenager. The more she settled into her teenage years, Rosemary became quite the handful for Maureen. The mother and daughter duo often found themselves clashing and arguing over almost everything. Despite their differences, Maureen still loved and cared for Rosemary more than anything.

No return home

It had just been a normal morning for the Gullet family on the fateful day that Rosemary went missing. Maureen said goodbye to her daughter as she went out with friends for the day. But the mom began to feel concerned when there was no sign of Rosemary later that night. Maureen tried not to worry and assumed that her daughter was staying at a friends and had simply forgotten to call her. 

Had she ran away?

Rosemary didn’t return home the following day either, leaving Maureen in complete despair. She contacted the police and reported her daughter missing, but they quickly assumed that the 14-year old had just ran away. As she had been quite rebellious throughout her teenage years so far, it could have been possible that Rosemary had gone to live with her friends for a while.