Colton BrockBank is an extreme sports athlete who spends most of his days putting his life at risk.

But aside from his thrill-seeking adventures, he’s also found love with long-term girlfriend Taylor Naho’olewa. Taylor doesn’t get in the way of her boyfriend’s passion for extreme sports, but she is often left worrying about his safety when he leaves the house.

So when she got a call to say Colton had been involved in a nasty wake-boarding accident, she immediately assumed the worst. Was she about to lose the love of her life?

She headed to the hospital as quickly as she could, but received the most unexpected news when she got there…


Dating a dare devil

Taylor knew she wasn’t in for an easy ride when she began dating Colton BrockBank. Whether it was wake-boarding, snowboarding or another extreme sport, Colton was there. Taylor couldn’t help but worry for her boyfriend’s safety when he was taking part in such dangerous activities, but one day her nightmare came true when she received a phone call from one of Colton’s friends. 

2. The dreaded phone call

As soon as Taylor saw that Colton’s friend was calling her she knew something was wrong. His friend told her, “I don’t like to be the guy to make these kind of phone calls. It looks like [Colton] might have broken his back. I’m going to drop you a pin so you can get here as soon as you’re with your parents.” Taylor felt sick at the thought of Colton breaking his back as it was a potentially life-threatening injury. The couple had been in a serious relationship for years and Taylor suddenly became worried about their future together. 

3. A heartbreaking sight

Taylor arrived at the hospital to find several of Colton and Taylor’s family members at his bedside – this surely wasn’t a good sign. Was the accident even more serious than she’d initially thought? Colton was lying on the hospital bed in a neck brace and certainly didn’t look in any fit condition.