What initially seemed like harmless flirting with the then-President Bill Clinton soon turned into one of the most shocking scandals to ever hit the media, and it’s safe to say Monica Lewinsky’s life changed forever.

It may have been almost 20 years since Clinton’s affair with the White House intern was exposed, but we finally get to hear Monica’s side of the story.

How did one of the biggest sex scandals in politics really come about?


1. Where it all began

Just how did Lewinsky become quickly become one of the most famous women in the world? In July 1995, Monica began her position of White House intern and of course Bill Clinton was in presidency at the time. Just 22-years old at the time, the California girl couldn’t believe her luck working for the man who was running the country.

2. An unusual promotion

Within six months of being Bill’s intern, Monica was promoted to a full-time paid position in December 1995. People soon grew suspicious of their close bond and wondered why exactly Clinton had promoted the 22-year old so quickly. While Monica no doubt wanted to progress up the career ladder in the White House, there was more to her promotion than first met the eye. 

3. Caught out

Monica and Bill’s flirtations soon grew into a fully-fledged affair. Their behind the scenes romance continued until March 1997. By 1998, the public had caught wind of their sexual relationship but a private investigation into their affair had been going on for months prior to this. The details emerged after Monica was moved from the White House to the Pentagon for her job. She confided in her new colleague, Linda Tripp, about her lustful relationship with the president, but she had no idea Tripp would betray her trust and reveal the secret to the world.