People often discuss how being fashionably late is the thing to do, so we know it makes sense to take that time to make a huge entrance.

Now we know celebrities might arrive in a Rolls Royce or with a full grown tiger, for us norms this can tend to get a little expensive.

However there are always a few heroes who know how to get over these issues and stand out.

Sometimes the best way to really turn heads, is with your own

Seriously let’s just take a moment to appreciate the skill level this barber has shown to get this design done.

The barber had to not only figure out the way to get a cut that clean, but he also had to find a way to do it in reverse.

The real ones don’t forget to make sure the whole squad stands out, with them.

If you and your squad can’t form a rainbow when you arrive, then you better have a good explanation. As these moms show, it doesn’t really matter where you’re at, you can pull it off.

This ranch dressing is sparkling!

If my ranch dressing bottle isn’t bedazzled like this then I’ll be honest, I won’t use it. Friends beware!