Summer is all about hanging out with friends enjoying BBQs and beers at the beach.

But for one group of friends their dream summers day turned into a nightmare.

They were hanging out at a lake when they suddenly spotted a cooler floating in the distance – the friends decided to investigate further.

When they finally got the cooler to land, they were gobsmacked at what they found inside.

A Day At The Lake

Once the cooler was in eyesight one of the guys captured what happened next on his cell phone – and it’s a good job he did.

What was supposed to be a relaxing day at the lake had suddenly taken a turn, the friends wouldn’t be laughing and joking for much longer.

Before trying to reach the cooler for theirselves the friends asked other people on the riverbank if it belonged to them- but it didnt.

A Treasure Chest

Curiosity started to fill the friends minds – what was inside? Could they reach it and find out?

“What if it’s treasure?” the cameraman asks. The guy in blue shorts adds, “I’m hoping it’s cocaine.”

“If I had swimming shorts [I’d go over],” the cameraman said, keeping the camera on the filter.