For some celebrities a mere five minutes of fame is all they can handle.

From child stars that were given it all to one-movie wonders – take a look at these former celebs that are now holding down normal 9 to 5 jobs.

Vanilla Ice

Unfortunately for Vanilla Ice, he was never particularly praised for his rapping. However, he’s now powering his way through the real estate industry. After his hit “Ice Ice Baby”, he sensibly invested in property. In 1998, he moved into real estate full time, luckily – as his career as a musician ended sharply.

Nikki Blonsky

Since her film debut in Hairspray, Blonsky hasn’t had similar success since her 2007 hit. Since 2011, Blonsky has been working in a salon in Great Neck, New York. However, she still finds time to audition for screen roles and is optimistic that stardom will return.

Jeff Cohen

The child actor from The Goonies decided to leave Hollywood behind as he described “puberty hit” and forced him into an early retirement. His puberty weight loss led him to not being able to do the truffle shuffle anymore. He’s since gone on to become an attorney and founded his own company Cohen & Gardener, LLP.