These rich stars will stop at nothing to look amazing, but it seems their ‘million-dollar smiles’ really do come at huge costs.

Many celebrities have gone under the knife to get their dream look, leaving the rest of us wondering just how they manage to look so ‘perfect’.

It’s shocking to find out how much of their earnings they’ve splashed on surgery. Take a look at the stars who have spent a fortune on looking good.


1. Caitlyn Jenner


Formerly known as athlete Bruce Jenner, transgender star Caitlyn as undergone one of the biggest transformations in the world of celebrities. Despite fears that she would be publicly rejected after her surgery, Caitlyn has become a true inspiration. Her new look came at a staggering price though, with all procedures mounting up to a huge $60,000.

2. Blake Lively


The Gossip Girl actress is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, but she hasn’t always looked so pristine. She spent $7,300 on rhinoplasty to get the thin nose she now flaunts on the red carpet. She has also undergone laser skin surgery to get that glowing look. 

3. Pete Burns


The music star launched his career in 1985 with hit ‘You spin me right round, baby, right round…’ but he makes headlines these days for his crazy image. Overall, Burns has spent around $38,000 on surgeries. Many of his procedures seemed to go totally wrong, from dodgy lip injections to face lifts and cheek implants, he’s left with a painful look, and one he definitely regrets.