It’s hard to believe that Oliver Stone’s Platoon was released 31 years ago. When it hit theatres back in 1986, people had never seen the Vietnam War portrayed in such a brutal and powerful fashion before.

Indeed, Platoon would kick-start a renewed interest in one of America’s most controversial conflicts, with movies such as Full Metal Jacket, Hamburger Hill and Born on the Fourth of July following hot on its heels.

But what of this astonishing movie’s cast? What did they do after wrapping on Platoon, and what are they doing today? Let’s take a look …

Tom Berenger

Berenger played the hard-nosed Staff Sergeant Robert Barnes in Platoon. Since then, he’s gone on to have a successful career, mainly as a supporting actor in hits such as Training Day and Inception, and a lead role in the high school action thriller, The Substitute. It’s not all been plain sailing for the sixty-eight-year-old, Chicago-born actor. He has three failed marriages under his belt and several flops and embarrassing moments in a career spanning nearly fifty years, the worst of which was undoubtedly receiving a Razzie nomination for his role in the Sharon Stone-starring 1993 stinker, Sliver.

Dale Dye

The makers of Platoon benefited in more ways than one when they cast the forty-one-year-old Dye in the small role of Captain Harris. Dye was a retired US Marine who had been decorated for his service in Vietnam. On retiring from the Marines in 1984, Dye formed a company specializing in training actors cast in military movies to behave more realistically when portraying soldiers on screen. He put the cast of Platoon through a thirty-day mock boot camp, and his work with the cast is credited with adding a layer of realism to the portrayal of soldiers in a war movie that had previously been lacking in previous Hollywood efforts. Since then he’s gone on to star in Casualties of War and HBO’s Band of Brothers, as well as continuing his work as one of Hollywood’s most respected military advisers.

Tony Todd

Todd played the part of Sergeant Warren in Platoon – a soldier on the edge who dealt with the horrors of the Vietnam War by losing himself in drugs. Todd has gone on to carve out a successful film and TV career as an actor in movies such as the Final Destination and Candyman series, and as Worf’s brother Kurn in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Todd is also known to many as a stage actor, appearing in successful Broadway runs of Shakespeare’s Othello and Dark Paradise.