We all know our dogs can get up to serious mischief when we’re not around. But somehow they manage to get away with pretty much anything after giving us those puppy-dog eyes.

Sometimes the only solution is to let the whole internet see just how naughty our pets have been.

These pups have been exposed for their bad┬ábehaviour on social media – take a look at the hilarious posts that show just how mischievous our dogs can be when our backs are turned.

Dirty Habits


Obviously, dogs don’t have the cleanest of bathroom habits as it is, but this guy seems to enjoy licking his own pee. He looks so innocent!


Apple Picking


This dog has found himself a hobby; apple picking. But his owner isn’t too happy about all the mouldy apples stashed away in his bed.

Who Doesn’t Love Bread

This dog now is tarnished as a bread stealer from small children, but let’ s be honest that smell of fresh bread, makes us all do bad things.



This pet wasn’t a fan of the family’s new robot-vacuum cleaner, so decided to take the matter into his own hands and totally destroy it.