With the first film being released way back in 1999, the series of films following the rollercoaster lives of self confessed geeks  finally finished in 2012 with the American Pie Reunion.

So what has happened to the geeky gang since we last saw them on our silver screen? Check out these then and now photos to find out.

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Smash Hit


On the opening weekend of the first movie, it made $18,709,680

Thomas Ian Nicholas Then


Nicholas played the role of Kevin, Jim’s friend in love with Vicky.

His intimate but hilarious scene with her is one of the best moments in the whole series.

Thomas Ian Nicholas Now


Since his role in the series, Nicholas has turned to music after failing to lead another major acting role.

In March 2015, Nicholas’ ‘All the Way’ featured on Blues Traveler’s album Blow Up the Moon.