If you had millions of dollars to spend on whatever you desired, what would you spend it on?

The rich and successful people on this list were granted that golden opportunity, whilst we’re sat here wondering how we can get free food.

They decided to spend their fortunes on a lavish “home away from home” – and they’re nothing short of extraordinary.

Click through to see some of the most show-stopping yachts to sail across the ocean and some of the most exclusive jets to fly across the skies.

Giorgio Armani – Main

By 2001, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani had set up the most successful design company that Italy had ever produced. With an annual turnover of $1.6 billion and a personal fortune of $8.5 billion (as of 2013), Armani had to spend his money on something extravagant. The Codecasa-built yacht named Main stretches 65 metres long and has an exquisite black finish. Armani is a smart man however, and uses the boat for photoshoots as well as hosting awesome parties.

Roman Abramovich – Eclipse

This Russian billionaire is a businessman, investor and politician who knows exactly what he’s doing with his money. Abramovich owns the majority of shares in the private investment company Millhouse LLC and is the owner of Chelsea Football Club. As of 2015, he is the 12th richest person in Russia, not to mention the 137th richest person in the world. That title doesn’t come lightly, so Abramovich forked out for this 163.5 metre long yacht – the second largest privately owned yacht in the world!

The Eclipse was designed by Terence Disdale, the same person who designed Mansour Bin Sultan Zayed Al Nahyan’s yacht, “Topaz” and is worth around $380 million. This gorgeous yacht is made up of 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, a mini submarine, and 70 crew members; and among all of that, there is even a missile defense system and two helicopter pads – because apparently you just never know.

Celine Dion’s Jet

Celine’s private jet can fit 14 people on board – it has a bathroom and a gallery complete with extremely luxurious fixtures. But being worth millions, Celine doesn’t just have one private jet…