There’s engineering a solution to an everyday problem, and then there’s REDNECK engineering a solution to an everyday problem! When you haven’t got the time, the money or the common sense to do the job properly, these twenty amazing redneck engineering solutions will save the day. Here, for your delectation, we proudly present twenty times redneck engineering proved to be the BEST engineering! Yee-ha!

Wipers Not Up To Scratch? No Problem!

Sometimes, conventional windscreen wipers just won’t cut the mustard. Sure, they’re OK for light duties such as rain showers and the like, but what is a redneck to do when there’s been a heavy snowfall? Well, if you’re this guy, you break the head off a broom, strap it to your wipers and hey presto! Sorry, snow. You lose!

The Discount Leaf-Blower

The cheapest leaf blower we could find on Amazon costs $22.81. Know how much a fan costs? $8.99! BOOM! That’s right, folks. Blow those pesky leaves off your lawn AND save yourself $13 while you’re at it with this improvised leaf blower! And best of all, when you’ve finished blowing those leaves off the lawn, you can take the blower indoors and use it to cool off! Genius!

In-Car Entertainment On A Shoestring!

Nowadays, modern cars come equipped with all sorts of gizmos and gadgets. Gone are the days when the most sophisticated thing in a car was the radio – now they’re packed to the gills with sat-navs and Bluetooths and wi-fis and computer systems that ensure you’ll be shelling out an absolute fortune whenever anything goes wrong. But what if you haven’t the money to keep the kids entertained with fancy-shmancy back seat TV screens? No problem! As this enterprising redneck dad has demonstrated, all you need is a laptop, some ropes and a bit of imagination. Enjoy the movie, kids!