Charlie Sheen is quite the Hollywood enigma, he seems to have been on the scene forever and has never kept himself far from controversy.

The man who became a huge hit and had us all entertained on ‘Two and a Half Men’ he also became as well known for his outlandish quotes and bizarre behavior. TheHollywood lothario has been causing a stir since he could ride a bike and has never failed to one-up himself. So let’s take a look back at some of the weirdest and wildest moments of Charlie’s life.

A Rough Start


Sheen was actually born as a ‘Blue baby’ on September 3, 1965 in New York City to parents Martin and Janet Sheen. Thankfully, a doctor by the name of Irwin was on hand to save his life. His parents named him in honor of the doctor, calling him Carlos Irwin Estevez.