This unique photography skill can transform everyday situations into magical toy sets with one simple trick.

‘Tilt shift’ photography plays around with the focus of photographs and videos to make them appear a lot smaller than they really are. The scale of the picture is minimised completely so that it looks like it is made up of miniature toys or models rather than real-life objects.

No matter how much you try to convince yourself these gifs aren’t of real-life things, they were all filmed using tilt shift focus.

Check out the fascinating results of the photography technique below – your childhood imagination is about to be brought to life.

1. Airport Arrivals


Image Source

The tilt camera technique gives the impression of a miniature toy airport, but believe it or not this is real life footage.

2. Missile Mission


Image Source

This looks like a remote control toy war, but it’s actually a real-life moment captured through tilt shift.

3. Highway Traffic


Image Source

It may look like your toy car and road set you had as a kid, but this mind-blowing gif shows a real life highway at its busiest period.

4. In & Out Of The City


Image Source

We could only dream of having a toy set like this when we were little.

5. Freight Trains


Image Source

These real-life freight trains look like minuscule toys thanks to the clever photography trick.

6. City Life


Image Source

The hustle and bustle of city life is put into a tiny perspective.

7. Morning Commute


Image Source

The morning commute across this world-famous bridge looks awesome through the tilt-shift perspective.

8. Busy Beach Day


Image Source

The waves and the beach goers look tiny through the impressive camera technique.

9. Venice Canals


Image Source

The famous Venice canals are transformed into a mini toy-scene thanks to the talented photographer.

10. Bay Watch


Image Source

This bay looks like it’s made up of miniature models but it is in fact real.

11. Ferris Wheel


Image Source

The ferris wheel spins around next to the tiny looking fair.

12. The Great Wall Of China


Image Source

No it’s not made out of plastic, this is the real Great Wall of China but the tilt shift effect makes it look super small.

13. Port Work


Image Source

The tilt shift perspective captures a port hard at work and turns it into something out of a children’s toy shop.

14. Night Time Traffic


Image Source

We can’t believe this is real life footage!

15. Water Planes


Image Source

The water planes look like remote control toys as they come into landing.

16. Spinning Watercraft


Image Source

Just like these watercraft are made to look tiny and almost make-believe.

17. Spectacular Skyline


Image Source

The stunning skyline is given a tilt-shift makeover and looks totally unreal.