When an Argentinian farmer took a leisurely stroll around his property, he never expected to unearth an ancient treasure.

Whilst wondering his fields, something incredible caught Jose Antonio Nievas’ eye and it turned out to be something amazing.

The object was gigantic and nestled into the side of a riverbank. Jose didn’t hesitate to take a closer look and set about excavating the strange object with his bare hands.

When he finally identified the large structure he couldn’t believe it had been under his nose for all these years.

Find out what Jose unearthed in the gallery below.

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The Discovery

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Jose wasted no time excavating the object after he spotted it whilst on a walk through his fields. He then went and told his wife what he had found. Soon after, he returned to the scene with his partner and the rest of his family by his side to properly investigate the unusual object.

Location, Location, Location

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Jose found the strange object in his hometown, the small Argentinian suburb called Carlos Spegazzini. This is just a short drive from the capital city of Buenos Aires. The area is home to both farmers and several affluent communities.

The Investigation

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Upon returning to the scene, Jose sent his dog down to investigate the object further. They were worried the mound housed dangerous creatures however, they soon realized it was in fact something far more extraordinary.

The Local Authorities Were Called

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Upon realising the magnitude of their discovery, they contacted the police. It became more and more apparent that this was no ordinary discovery. In fact, the object was several thousand years old…

Archaeologists’ Analysis

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The find became of immediate interest to local archaeologists, but left many with questions, particularly due to its excellent condition, and strange positioning. It was nevertheless determined to be the fossil of an ancient land mammal.