In 1961 a young girl close to death was spotted by a Freight that was sailing around the Bahamas.

The crew spotted the 11-year-old girl drifting through the ocean on a tiny cork float.

She soon became known as Terry Jo Duperrault Рbut no one knew how she became lost in the Atlantic Ocean alone.

Her story will terrify you.



The trip to this part of the world was meant to be one of a lifetime for the Dupperault family. In fact father, Dr Arthur Dupperault, an eye surgeon from Wisconsin and his wife Jean 38, had been saving for this amazing trip for a long time.



The couple took their three children along on the trip – Brian, 14, Terry Jo, 11, and Renee, 7. The family chartered a 60-foot ketch boat, to take them on their weeks holiday from Lauderdale, Florida, to explore the islands of the Bahamas.