It turns out captain Harvey, a man with a troubled past, had chosen that night to murder his wife of just four months. It was later revealed that Harvey had not long taken out a life insurance policy on his wife. He intended to dispose of the body overboard and report her lost at sea. But things did not go to plan.


Dr Dupperrtault saw what was happening and intervened, sadly being killed by Harvey. Then in a desperate bid to get rid of any other witnesses to his crime, Harvey murdered all of the other members of the Dupperrault family who had been awake during the altercation. This left Terry Jo sleeping in her cabin below.


Terry Jo appeared on the deck a few minutes later to find her mother and brother laying in a pool of blood. She asked the captain what was happening.


But murderer Harvey forced Terry Jo back below deck, where the 11-year-old sat cowering in fear. It wasn’t until the water began to fill her cabin that she decided to go back on deck.


Harvey had opened up the ship’s sea valves with the intention of scuttling the vessel and gave Terry Jo a rope attached to a dinghy to hold.┬áLater, Fassbender’s friend, Richard Logan, speculated that Harvey had planned on killing the girl too.


Instead, Terry Jo dropped the rope and Harvey dove into the sea to catch up with the dinghy – his lifeline. He abandoned Terry Jo on a sinking ship – but the 11-year-old was much tougher than she looked.