The Dukes of Hazzard is a show which will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest and best-loved action-comedy shows in history. Running for more than seven series, with a grand total of 147 episodes broadcast on CBS. The audience became hooked and followed the story of the Duke family in their hometown of Hazzard County.

Although the last episode was aired in 1985, over three decades ago, the show is still very fondly remembered today. We thought we’d take a blast from the past, and look at where the characters are now.

Luke Duke Then


Tom Wopat played the character of Luke Duke, he was one of the main characters on The Dukes of Hazzard alongside his cousin Bo Duke.He was considered the smarter of the two cousins, despite his run ins with the law.

Tom Wopat Now

Dukes 2

Since starring as Luke, Wopat has enjoyed a part-time role in Cybill, as was as appearing in various musicals and has also released some of his own records. In 2014, he was reunited wth his on screen cousin, John Schneider, who then went on to c0-record a Christmas album.

Bo Duke Then


Bo Duke, played by John Schneider, was Luke’s hot-headed young cousin. Although both cousins often tended to end up on the wrong side of the law, it was normally at the hands of Bo.

John Schneider Now

Dukes 4

Schneider went on to play John Kent in Smallville. He has since embarked on a musical career, and has released an impressive total of nine studio albums and 18 singles. Unfortunately, he was affected by the Louisiana floods in August 2016 which tore apart his home and film studio.

Longstreet B. Davenport Then


Ernie Lively played Longstreet B. Davenport. He was drafted in when Ben Jones left the show temporarily over a dispute regarding his character.Davenport played a relative of Cooter’s who filled in for him at his garage, although Cooter’s disappearance was never actually explained in the script.

Ernie Lively Now


Following the success of Dukes, Ernie Lively has bagged numerous roles in TV shows and films. Nowadays however, he is probably best known as the father of actors Blake and Eric Lively. Unfortunately, in 2003, Lively suffered a heart attack and became the first person to ever have a unique cardiac stem cell operation. He is now back to full health.

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Cooter Then


Ben Jones played Cooter or “Crazy Cooter”, who was often the Duke’s getaway guy when they found themselves in a pickle with the law. Unfortunately, Jones and the producers disagreed regarding how Cooter was to be portrayed, and after leaving the series for a few episodes, he got his way.

Ben Jones Now


Unfortunately, Jones didn’t continue to have a successful acting career, but made up for this in his political career, in which he was very successful. He served four years in the House of Representatives from 1989 to 1993 as a Democrat from Georgia. He also now owns a string of Dukes of Hazzard museums across the U.S.

Enos Strate Then


This loveable Deputy spent the majority of his time crushing on Daisy Duke, and although the pair did come close to typing the knot, a nervous Strate broke out in hives and the whole thing was called off. The sometimes Sheriff was portrayed by Sonny Shrover.