Craigslist is a great way of buying and selling things locally, however it’s not without is difficulties.

Just like anything online, Craigslist is full of people trying to scam others out of money.

This guy was selling his beloved motorbike when he was approached by a scammer, but the man decided to have some fun of his own and played the scammer at his own game.

Read the hilarious text exchange here:

At first glance, everything looks completely normal. Just a girl, trying to buy a bike from a guy online.

Just like any good seller, this guy wanted to make sure the buyer was getting exactly what they wanted.

However things started to sound a little fishy.

“I can only text” is when alarm bells started to ring in the buyers ears.

Rather than walking away, the buyer decided to take it further with the scammer…playing her at her own game.

Raising the price of his bike would put a normal buyer off, but this was just another test for the scammer.