John bought his house five years ago knowing it would need a lot of work doing to it before it became his dream home.

It had been built way back in the 1940s, which meant a lot of renovating had to be done to get it just right. The 35-year old got to work at the tough task of making the old, shabby house into his new welcoming home.

He started out transforming the first and second floors, but soon enough the time came for him to turn his efforts to the basement. But little did he know, he was about to make an amazing discovery right under his own feet…

1. The Basement Walls

John’s first task was to take the sheetrock off the basement walls, but underneath he discovered that the stone walls had been graffitied on by what seemed to be teenagers.

2. Religious Symbols

The homeowner noticed that some of the drawings were quite strange, including the ancient religious symbol swastika scribbled on to part of the wall.

3. The Ceiling Being Taken Down

John and his wife tackled the hard task of taking down the basement ceiling. Plastic tarps were used to stop dust going all over the floor. 

4. An Unusual Find

As they made their way across the ceiling, the couple spotted an unusual capsule-like briefcase wedged in between the beams and floorboards above. They knew that a family had previously lived in the house in the 1950s, was it something they’d left behind?

5. Finding Out More

John took the box out from the ceiling and put it in their backyard ready to open it up. As it wasn’t very heavy, they couldn’t imagine what was inside.

6. Untying The Shoe Lace

The box was sealed with just one brown shoe lace which the couple decided to undo, even though they were really nervous as to what they’d find inside.¬†