20 Rarely Seen Photos Of Carrie Fisher

ross gregory for Celebrity January 10, 2017

18. Sneaky Smooch

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Apparently it wasn’t just Wookiees which Fisher enjoyed sharing a moment with! Here, she can be seen having a quick smooch with droid, C-3PIO.

17. Sibling Squabbles

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It is well known that the cast of Star Wars got on extremely well. However, Fisher doesn’t look too impressed here with her co-star, Mark Hamill – a.k.a Luke Skywalker.

16. Hollywood Upbringing

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As if Fisher’s death wasn’t enough, her mother tragically passed just one day later. However, images like this, which was taken in 1972 when Fisher was only 15-years-old, show the mother-daughter duo in much happier times.

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