Military veterans are often remembered for their incredible bravery and courage while serving for their country. However, sometimes another important contributor is overlooked.

We owe so much to the military dogs who serve our countries, however they are often forgotten.

One of those military dogs is Layka, a German shepherd, whose incredible story proves that dogs really are a mans best friend.


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Layka was a fully trained military dog, who was prepared to do anything in the line of duty. This would prove to even go as far as putting her body on the line for her fellow comrades.

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This incredible loyalty and dedication was put to the test, when in battle Layka took four bullets from an AK-47 for her team members, in order to subdue an enemy shooter. After the battle, Layka was rushed to hospital, where she was operated on for seven hours. They were able to save her life, but unfortunately she had to lose a leg in the process.