Hang Clothes Backwards To Clean Out Your Closet

Ever wonder what clothes you never wear? This is a great tactic. Start by hanging all your clothes backward. Once you’ve worn the piece of clothing, hang it normally. If by some certain amount of time some hangers are still backwards then you should probably get rid of them. It’ll clean up your closet and make way for newer clothing. Win-win, right?


Bungee Cord = Master Organizational Tool

They’re cheap, colorful, and a great way to improve organization. By taking some pieces of wood and attaching bungee cords, you have an easy way to store and organize your accessories.

Can’t Open A Nail Polish Bottle?

By wrapping a rubber band around the bottle, you get extra grip. That also means you can eat chips at the same time. 1 for women, 0 for nail polish bottles.

Use A Caddy OR PVC For Hair Appliances

Hate always having your hair tools everywhere, creating chaos in the bathroom (#melodrama)? Try either of these, which will create an easier life and a cleaner bathroom.


Coat Hangers For Scarves, Stockings, And More

Hate Tangled Necklaces?

Put them through a straw. Sure, it takes a little effort, looks kind of silly, but it’s all in the name of organization and less stress.

How To Beat Key Rings

Break a nail? Hurt your finger? Key rings can be the bane of women AND men, but using a staple remover makes it easy to add and remove keys and more.

No More Smelly Shoes

This is especially great for the summer, when your feet are sweaty. By creating baking soda sachets, you don’t ever have to deal with stinky shoes again. Best part? It’s super cheap.

Magnetic Strip For Next-Level Organization

The beauty of a magnetic strip is that you can organize ALL your metal products in the bathroom, from nail clippers to bobby pins to hair clips.