When the nights are dark and cold it can be really hard to get motivated to go to the gym and kick start a healthy lifestyle.

But getting healthy isn’t all about 5am jogs and only eating green foods – it can actually be super easy with a few lifestyle changes.

Here are 25 lazy person approved work out hacks that are guaranteed to get you up and moving.

1. Keep it short

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You don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get fit. Shorter and more intense workouts are always more effective than longer ones where you don’t push yourself.


2. Get it in early

Start the day with a work out, then you don’t have chance to quit it later on. So if you are a procrastinator this is the perfect hack. If work outs and early mornings are your idea of hell then for a few weeks try setting your alarm 10-20 minutes earlier for a few days to allow your body to adjust to the new time.


3. You don’t even have to stand up

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You don’t even need to stand up to work out. Look for workouts where you can lie on the floor and still work up a sweat. Here are a few for inspiration.


4. Take a friend

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Whether your attending a class or just going for a jog it’s a good idea to drag a friend along with you. It makes you more likely to stick to a scheduled work out as no one likes to let down a loved one.


5. Change your commute

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If you commute to work or even to the gym then mix up how you get there. Either ride your bike or walk a portion of your journey. Becoming more active in every way will burn even more calories.


6. Multitask

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You can always be exercising, whether you’re waiting at the bus stop or while your cleaning your teeth. Try some simple calf raises or this two minute work out.


7. Stay alert

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If you’re too tired to go to the gym after a long day at work then try sipping a little coffee or green tea to keep your energy levels up. Caffeine has been linked to a better workout performance.


8. Stay in bed

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Sleep is a vital part of getting fit and healthy. Everyone needs seven to nine hours sleep every night to keep you energized throughout the day. So linger a little long between the sheets.


9. Prepare

Get your gym gear ready the night before a work out; that way you eradicate another reason not to go. Get it all ready at the same time you’re prepping your lunch.


10. Rest

day rest

Everyone needs recovery time – it means your muscles, joints and tendons can repair from the strain of a work out. Not only will it decrease your risk of injury but it will also allow our body to progress further.


11. Wear the right shoes

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Shoes make the difference between a good workout and a painful one. There are different kinds of shoes for different kinds of activities, so make sure you get the right one.