When the nights are dark and cold it can be really hard to get motivated to go to the gym and kick start a healthy lifestyle.

But getting healthy isn’t all about 5am jogs and only eating green foods – it can actually be super easy with a few lifestyle changes.

Here are 25 lazy person approved work out hacks that are guaranteed to get you up and moving.

1. Keep it short

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You don’t have to spend hours in a gym to get fit. Shorter and more intense workouts are always more effective than longer ones where you don’t push yourself.

2. Get it in early

Start the day with a work out, then you don’t have chance to quit it later on. So if you are a procrastinator this is the perfect hack. If work outs and early mornings are your idea of hell then for a few weeks try setting your alarm 10-20 minutes earlier for a few days to allow your body to adjust to the new time.

3. You don’t even have to stand up

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You don’t even need to stand up to work out. Look for workouts where you can lie on the floor and still work up a sweat. Here are a few for inspiration.

4. Take a friend

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Whether your attending a class or just going for a jog it’s a good idea to drag a friend along with you. It makes you more likely to stick to a scheduled work out as no one likes to let down a loved one.

5. Change your commute

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If you commute to work or even to the gym then mix up how you get there. Either ride your bike or walk a portion of your journey. Becoming more active in every way will burn even more calories.

6. Multitask

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You can always be exercising, whether you’re waiting at the bus stop or while your cleaning your teeth. Try some simple calf raises or this two minute work out.

7. Stay alert

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If you’re too tired to go to the gym after a long day at work then try sipping a little coffee or green tea to keep your energy levels up. Caffeine has been linked to a better workout performance.

8. Stay in bed

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Sleep is a vital part of getting fit and healthy. Everyone needs seven to nine hours sleep every night to keep you energized throughout the day. So linger a little long between the sheets.

9. Prepare

Get your gym gear ready the night before a work out; that way you eradicate another reason not to go. Get it all ready at the same time you’re prepping your lunch.

10. Rest

day rest

Everyone needs recovery time – it means your muscles, joints and tendons can repair from the strain of a work out. Not only will it decrease your risk of injury but it will also allow our body to progress further.

11. Wear the right shoes

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Shoes make the difference between a good workout and a painful one. There are different kinds of shoes for different kinds of activities, so make sure you get the right one.

12. Don’t force it

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If you hate to run, then don’t do it. Doing an activity that makes you miserable will only make you hate it more. So join a sports team that you love, or walk your dog. As long as you have a good time your brain will associate the activity with positive thoughts and make you more likely to do it again in the future.

13. Get some inspiration

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Sometimes all you need is a reminder that anything is possible when your head is in the right place. Either follow some super inspiring people on Instagram to remind you when your scrolling. Or equally effective, find a photo where you feel like you were at your fittest and make it your phone background. This way it will remind you that it’s achievable.

14. Create a killer playlist

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Working out to music is the perfect way to keep motivated. Research has found that music can actually change the way people respond to fatigue, even when taking part in endurance activities like running. So plug in your earphones every time you need that extra push.

15. Walk and talk

When you know you’re going to be on the phone for a long time – just walk. It’s a mindless way to get an hours exercise in a time you would normally be doing nothing.

16. Eat less

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A healthy eating plan makes up 80 percent of the changes you see in your body. Going to the gym doesn’t mean you can eat even more than usual so create a meal plan that suits you.

17. Plan

Plan everything in advance. This way you will feel prepared and have fewer excuses to not do something. Keeping a routine will also make work outs seem more like second nature.

18. Track your progress

There is nothing better than seeing your results, but at the start it can seem like nothing is changing. Results start to show after around 8 weeks however why not take selfies of your body at different stages to really help you notice the changes.

19. Snack

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Snacking on a simple carb just 30 minutes before your work out can be really effective. They are absorbed and digested quickly giving your body energy straight away.

20. Go for 10

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If you’re really not feeling like working out then this can be the worst feeling. However a good rule to stick by is to go for 10 minutes and then if you still want to stop after that then stop. But the chances are it won’t be half as bad as you expect and you’ll carry on and have a killer work out.

21. Lift a little

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If all you are doing is cardio and no strength training then the results you are after just wont come. Try smaller workouts to begin with.

22. Reward yourself

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Working out isn’t a punishment but there is no harm in rewarding yourself after a successful week in the gym. Whether it’s a piece of chocolate, new running gear or just one hour of pure relaxation – obviously after you have put in the work.

23. Hire outside help

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Sign up for classes with a personal instructor or hire a personal trainer for some sessions in the gym. They’ll keep you on track and give you a realistic exercise routine.

24. Do it for a cause


If you really can’t motivate yourself to be active then find a cause that resonates with you and sign up to a charity event, whether it be a walk, a run or a swim that supports your cause.

25. Try sit ups and push ups every day

exercise walrus trainer sit up

They’ve not even got to be consecutive. Just try 10 push ups and 10 sit ups throughout the day and over time you will build up your endurance and strength – then you’ll be doing more in no time.