15. This Non Uniform Excitement


The school days where you secretly judged everyone for their non-uniform choices…

16. This Emotional Moment


For every 90s teen with braces, don’t you wish you could have updated your Snapchat pals on your latest brace colours?

17. This Amazing Game


We all thought MASH was genuinely telling us how our future lives were going to turn out.

18. This TV Show


We are more likely to be snapchatting the latest Netflix series now, but we definitely would’ve sent this to our friends back in the 90s.

19. This Ancient Phone Book

When the days of iPhones and the internet just didn’t exist…

20. This Frustrating Moment


Thank god we don’t have to put up with this problem anymore.

21. This Painful Screen


The struggle was definitely real when this popped up on our PC.