21 Snapchat Posts You Would’ve Sent If You Had It In The 90s

admin for OMG February 17, 2016

8. This Horrible Snake Moment


When Snake just got the better of you…

9. This Trendy Shoe


The shoe that defined our teens! Our Snapchat friends would’ve been so impressed if we put this on our story.

10. This Legendary Drink


Those were the days when Smirnoff Ice was the ultimate party drink.

11. This Amazing Snack


These amazing Dairylea Dunkers were every 90s child’s favourite snack.

12. This Must Read


Every 90s girl has a special place in her heart for Jacqueline Wilson!

13. This Typical Supermarket Trip


Frubes and Dairylea Dunkers… Those were the days!

14. This Fashion Moment


The snapchat’s to your friends now definitely wouldn’t involve 90s’ disco dresses like this.

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