Photographs are a remarkable and special way of marking signature moments throughout history.

These people have definitely made their mark on the world, either through acting, politics, singing or other infamous qualities.

From Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe as younger girls before they found fame, to actresses such as Julie Newmar as the first ever Catwoman, these photos are mesmerizing.

Here are 38 truly spectacular photos of very influential people throughout history.

1. The Real Life Shrek (1945)


Maurice Tillet was born in Russia and is a French professional wrestler. He was the inspiration for Shrek!

2. Bob Marley (1976)


Bob Marley on the beach with Miss World Cindy Breakspeare who is the mother of Damien Marley.

3. Jimmy Page (1972)


Jimmy Page, the founder of Led Zeppelin, performing in the ’70s. Robert Plant is also seen in the background!

4. Lynda Carter (1970s)


Lynda Carter is best known for her amazing role as Wonder Woman in the #70s.

5. Marilyn Monroe (1938)


Marilyn Monroe way before the days of that infamous white dress. Captured here at just age 12.

6. Debbie Harry (1976)


Better known as Blondie, Debbie Harry is an iconic singer in history.

7. Sorority Sisters (1944)


Sorority sisters are photographed way back in the ’40s at the University of Texas.

8. Grace Kelly (1955)


The stunning Grace Kelly, who became the Princess of Monaco, pictured here on vacation in Jamaica.

9. Clint Eastwood (1964)


Clint Eastwood, the famous face of the Dirty Harry films, seen here skateboarding in Rome in the ’60s.

10. Sigourney Weaver (1983)


Sigourney Weaver is a very talented actress who is sure to go down in history seen here eating a hot dog.

11. Jodie Foster (1976)


Jodie Foster on the set of the movie Taxi Driver. She was only 12 years old at the time!

12. Julie Newmar (1966)


The first catwoman!

13. Bruce Lee (1960s)


Famous martial artist Bruce Lee seen here skipping on the shave in the ’60s.

14. Goldie Hawn (1964)


 The talented American actress who has starred in loads of films and TV shows such as Cactus Flower and Good Morning, World captured here eating a hamburger.

15. Dona Drake (1930-40s)


Dona was talented a singer, dancer, and actress.

16. Hitchhiking (1970s)


This authentic photo captures the art of hitchhiking way back in the ’70s

17. Ava Gardner & Burt Lancaster (1946)


Ava and Burt picture here doing beach acro-yoga!

18. Mestiza de Sangley (1875)


A portrait of a Mestiza de Sangley woman. Sangley is an archaic term used in the Philippines to describe and classify a person of pure Chinese ancestry.